Gratitude Jar Ideas

Why You Should Start A Gratitude Practice For The New Year

Make this year the best one yet by spending time in gratitude every day. I promise, it will be the best New Year's resolution you ever make. 

There are several ways to practice gratitude - I’ve included a few of my favorites here. For best results, I suggest doing any one of these practices for thirty days, then continuing longer if you feel inspired.

To me, thirty days is the magic number because it’s the perfect amount of time to turn it from being a practice into a permanent habit...


The Making of a Custom Gratitude Jar: In the Studio With Artist Rachel Masica

I always pictured beautiful, hand-blown Gratitude Jars accompanying The Gratitude Jar book once it was published. Since I myself have absolutely no glass blowing skills, I went on a nationwide search to find someone who could create these jars for me. 

Thankfully, I found an amazing glassblowing artist, who, even more amazingly, had her own studio just a few blocks from my home…