5 Gratitude Journal Writing Prompts That Will Inspire Your Practice

Gratitude journal ideas and prompts to bring more positive energy to your day. Start your gratitude journal today to experience the amazing benefits of daily gratitude. #gratitude #gratitudejournal #amwriting

Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.
— Fred De Witt Van Amburgh


I've been really into using writing prompts to help boost my creativity and also to get the ol' writing well going again...and it dawned on me I could also use these types of prompts for my gratitude practice.

So I've been using gratitude writing prompts for the past month, and it's been awesome.

It's added a whole new dimension to my gratitude practice and it's also reignited my writing, so good things happening all around.

Thank you gratitude.



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Here's a few gratitude writing prompts you can use to get started, arranged by category.

All these prompts can be easily incorporated into your regular journaling or writing routine.

5 Gratitude Journal Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Practice


I love reading beautifully written words, they always lift my spirits. What inspirational words of wisdom are you most grateful for receiving?

Maybe it’s something powerful someone told you that you’ve never forgotten, or maybe it’s a famous quote posted in your office. Or, it's from one of your favorite books. Write what words you’re most grateful for and why. 

For a bonus gratitude, do something creative with the words. Paint them, make a collage, and then post them on social media.

Here are some beautiful examples from Pinterest:

Image courtesy     Pinterest

Image courtesy Pinterest

Image courtesy     Pinterest

Image courtesy Pinterest


Most of us have routines we do every single day no matter what we’ve got planned. In those day-to-day moments, there are things we rely on to get us through each day that we typically don’t even notice.

Deodorant. Running water. Coffee.

Things we just can’t live without that we use every. single. day.

What are ten everyday things you’re grateful for that you use every day that you can’t live without?


Having things we do that help us unwind and slow down are incredibly important to find balance from the hustle and bustle of life. Write down three things you’re grateful for that you do that help you slow down and find your inner calm.

Bonus: Once you've identified your calming activities, how can you incorporate them more into your everyday life?

Try to spend a little time each day doing at least one of these restful things, and watch how much of a difference it makes. 


Perspective is a powerful thing. Sometimes we don’t notice how far we’ve come until we can look back and reflect upon it.

For this gratitude, reflect on what’s different in your life today than it was a year ago...what are you most grateful for that’s changed?

If you feel called to, share your on social media. I love when people share their stories of how much their life has transformed. 


I didn’t notice how beautiful this planet was until I started practicing gratitude. Now, it’s all I notice.

Earth is incredible and we are beyond lucky to call it our home. What about this amazing Earth are you most grateful for?

Pick a beautiful place in nature to write your gratitude today. Or make a collage of items from nature.

Here's a lovely example from Pinterest:

Image courtesy     Pinterest

Image courtesy Pinterest

Want more ideas on how to start a gratitude journal? Check out my Gratitude Journals Pinterest Board to help you get inspired!

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