The True Story of How Practicing Gratitude Changed My Life [VIDEO]

The True Story of How Practicing Gratitude Changed my Life

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Mine found me during a snowy Minnesota February when I was a disenchanted housewife with a big drinking problem. So it was a good thing she found me when she did. My teacher introduced me to the Gratitude Jar, the thing that ultimately turned my life into a miracle.
— Josie Robinson

The inspiring true story of how practicing gratitude completely changed my life...

Those of you who have been to one of my live talks have seen the dramatic before and after photos of my gratitude transformation.

In this video I share these photos along with my story of how practicing gratitude took me from being an overweight, closet drinking, hustling to pay my groceries, disenchanted housewife...

To being fully sober after many years of failed attempts, losing 25 pounds, attracting my dream job and doubling my income, and becoming happy, content, and peaceful for perhaps the first time ever.  



See the incredible photos of me before I began my gratitude practice, and after. The change is dramatic.

It's amazing to me that you can actually SEE the incredible transformation that happened as a result of my gratitude practice.

People kept telling me during my practice I had this "glow" around me, but I didn't quite understand what they were talking about until I saw these photos.

Now, I understand. Completely.

The "gratitude glow" is totally a thing.

Usually after I give my talk someone comes up to me and mentions how I don't even look like the same woman from the before photos.

To which I reply,"That's because I'm not."

I transformed from the inside out once I changed my mindset from the gutter, to grateful. Truly, it was like I got a makeover for my soul.

You can watch the full video and see my amazing transformation by clicking the YouTube link below.

[VIDEO] The True Story of How Practicing Gratitude Changed My Life:

Watch Now: Author Josie Robinson shares her incredible story of how the power of gratitude took her from poverty, addiction, and depression - to living a life of joy and miracles. Discover how to get "un-stuck", instantly, when you shift your mindset. #gratitudeworks

Please let me know if you have your own my-life-changed-when-I-started-practicing-gratitude story. I love, love, love, to hear these and have gotten several messages from readers sharing their remarkable stories with me. 

They're my favorite messages to receive. Just send me a message at my Contact page - I'd love to hear from you!

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