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Helping you navigate this crazy modern world with gratitude and grace...

Hello and welcome!

I'm Josie, writer and counselor.

I offer support and encouragement to people who struggle to find meaning in today's intense, chaotic world.

I help them create a joyful and inspiring life through the simple, yet powerful, practice of gratitude.

Wow! Just finished reading The Gratitude Jar and all I can say is it was an amazing book and a MUST READ. Finding gratitude on a daily basis can truly change your perspective on life. Josie has definitely inspired me to start practicing this every day!
— Hope A.

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A special invitation...

One of my dear readers started a private Facebook group for anyone who believes you can change your life through the power of gratitude. 

This group is to share stories, lean on each other during hard times, celebrate victories and learn to be positive, one "I'm Grateful For..." at a time.