Lesson 3: Learn the Powerful Practice That Creates Serenity & Flow


In today’s lesson you will learn how to harness the most powerful positive force in the universe, step-by-step.

I teach you the exact formula that I followed to overcome my despair and feel mentally, physically, and spiritually nourished and HAPPY in my life!

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(16 minutes)

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  1. Here are the pretty PDF printables I promised that will inspire your Give THANKS practice:

Give THANKS Formula (Printable PDF) >>


2. Remember, this isn’t magical thinking or “woo-woo”. The real truth of all this is:

Feeling peace instead of stress around something that’s been causing you constant fear and worry, is the real miracle of this whole practice.

Because when you’re feeling peace around a situation instead of stress, that is when you open your eyes to see the good things that have ALWAYS been there, and you create even MORE good things because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, it really is that simple.

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