Lesson 2: Discover the Super Simple Secret to Happiness & Harmony


In today’s lesson I’m going to share with you the amazing true story of how I went from total rock bottom, to discovering the secret to serenity and emotional freedom.

Many people have shared that simply listening to this story was a huge catalyst for healing their own lives. My hope is that this story will inspire healing within you, too.

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(25 minutes)

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  1. This practice is so powerful because it is a keystone habit. Keystone habits are “super-habits” that start a chain effect of positive outcomes once you start practicing them.

    Examples of keystone habits are:

    • Exercise

    • Keeping a food journal

    • Eating dinner together as a family

    • Practicing gratitude **My personal favorite:)

  2. Read the amazing true story of how using this simple keystone habit transformed my life, and the lives of those around me, in The Gratitude Jar eBook right here: