Gratitude Therapy Journal - eBook


Gratitude Therapy Journal - eBook

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Filled with joyful and inspiring exercises for both the new and advanced student of gratitude, this beautiful guided online self-help journal will encourage you to open your eyes and see the many blessings that have been given to you, and, lay the groundwork for even more gifts to come.

From day one, this motivating journal teaches you step-by-step how to use the practice of gratitude to transform yourself from the inside, out. By simply noticing the miracles already present in your life, you rewire your emotional patterns to turn yourself into a powerful magnet for attracting what you want, and releasing what you don't.

The solution to happiness and personal freedom lies within us, and unlocking it is possible through a life filled with gratitude. Now is the time to start the simple daily practice that will nourish your soul and inspire you to create the life of your dreams.

“...this book will be useful for years because it's more than a journal, it's a tool on the journey to happiness and wholeness."

"I Love it! I use it daily and it helps keep me aligned."

"I highly recommend this journal. Whether you work through it individually or with a friend/loved one, I think you will be very happy with the joy it brings to your life!"

"It can be so easy to fall into a negative view of a situation and then get stuck focusing only on the things that will further that view. But by instead intentionally focusing more on positive moments, events or interactions I find myself starting each day with a clearer mind."

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