Self Care

3 Meaningful Ways to Practice Self-Care

You can’t effectively help others unless you’re in a sound enough state yourself. Instead of devoting as much time as possible to making others happy, let yourself be happy for a change. 

Think of it as the flight instructions you get before you take off on a plane. You’re told to put your oxygen mask on before helping others, and there’s good reason for this.

If you fail to put on your oxygen mask in time, you can become afflicted with hypoxia, which can prevent you from being able to help someone else put their mask on. 

This same concept applies to self-care. You can’t reliably help others, even if you want to, before you learn how to help yourself.

5 Meaningful Ways to Practice Self-Compassion

If you’re one of those people who has an easier time taking care of everyone else but yourself and start feeling those familiar burnout feelings coming on - it’s time to give self-compassion a try.

You’ll seriously start feeling so much better once you start filling your own cup as much as you fill others’, and might even be surprised at the amazing things that start showing up in your life when you love yourself more.

The Surprising Book That Inspired Me to Quit Drinking

One of my "most asked" questions from people who have read my books or heard me speak is this:

"How did you quit drinking?"

It's a great question and one I'm happy to answer because I'm super proud of the fact that I've been 100% sober going on over 6 years now...and I used to be a total alcoholic.

My honest answer to how I quit drinking ALWAYS surprises people…

My Top 10 Favorite Self-Care Books

One of my favorite self-care activities is to curl up under a blanket, sip some tea, and read something super inspirational. These books are some of my all-time favorite books to do exactly that with…

Some are oldies but perpetual goodies, others are new books that I consider to be modern-day self-help classics.

Each one of these inspiring books will instantly lift your spirits and nourish your heart and soul.

So without further adieu, here is my official “Top 10” list of self-care books you should definitely read this year (or in this lifetime)…

How to Focus Your Gratitude Practice to Create Extraordinary Change

Each time I’ve done this practice, I’ve had a complete transformation in the area I’ve focused on, and I’ve heard the same from others who have used it as well. 

Dream jobs come out of the blue, difficult relationships untangle, random checks come in the mail, illnesses heal, and so on. This practice makes magic happen, quickly.

And even better, it's extremely simple to do...

When Gratitude Works, And When It Doesn't

Let’s talk about magical thinking for a second, because I think it’s an easy mind-trap to fall into when it comes to practicing gratitude.

When you go into your gratitude practice with the expectation everything is going to change overnight or something specific is going to happen like getting a new job, it’s magical thinking.

And that isn’t what the focus of your gratitude practice should be…

A Short & Simple Gratitude Meditation to Fill Your Day With Positive Energy

This guided meditation is from the bestselling book, The Gratitude Jar: A Simple Guide to Creating Miracles.

Simply play the video below to listen to this guided gratitude meditation on YouTube.

I've also included a free PDF gratitude meditation script below the video to help you follow it yourself or teach it to others…

5 Gratitude Journal Writing Prompts That Will Inspire Your Practice

I've been really into using writing prompts to help boost my creativity and also to get the ol' writing well going again...and it dawned on me I could also use these types of prompts for my gratitude practice. 

So I've been using gratitude writing prompts for the past month, and it's been awesome.

It's added a whole new dimension to my gratitude practice and it's also reignited my writing, so good things happening all around. Thank you gratitude. Again. 

Here's a few inspirational gratitude journal writing prompts you can use to get started...

How to Create an Attitude of Gratitude (And Why it Will Transform You)

The lesson here is that it doesn't matter how you practice gratitude - jars, journals, meditations - all of them lead to the same place.  All that matters is you start a gratitude practice, any practice, right now, so you can get going on the journey towards a more blissful life.

One of the reasons I included several gratitude practices in the book (even though using a gratitude jar is my personal favorite) is because I know the incredible things that happen as a result of spending time each day in gratitude, regardless of the method you select...

5 Simple Morning Rituals That Will Change Your Life

Personally, I've noticed my own life flows much better if I do something inspired each morning, even if it's only for a few minutes. 

There's a few inspirational practices I keep coming back to I've had outstanding results with, and I've listed my "Top Five" below.

Some of these practices you can do in five minutes or less, others take a little more time. 

Here are a few of my all-time favorite morning meditation rituals that will instantly add a dose of joy & tranquility to your day, and to your life...

How to Use a Gratitude Journal (And Why They Work)

I truly believe experiencing gratitude on a regular basis will bring about more positive changes than anything you've tried before. It certainly did for me.

Affirmations, goal setting, these are all helpful, but to really change the negative thoughts getting in the way of living your best life, you must change them at a deep, emotional level so the change can become permanent.

The best, and most simple, way to do this in my opinion is through starting a gratitude practice...

Inspiring Advice from Elizabeth Gilbert: Go to the Water

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a beautiful piece on Facebook recently called GO TO THE WATER about how to deal with the difficult times of life. This piece moved me so much, I wanted to share it with you all here. 

Her advice is simple, yet deeply profound. It's a good reminder how nature can guide us how to heal ourselves in a gentle and effective way.

The Daily Examen: A Simple Prayer for Inner Peace & Harmony

Saint Ignatius Loyola developed a gratitude prayer practice over 400 years ago called the Daily Examen. It's a simple prayer, but amazingly powerful. Done daily over the course of the year will bring tremendous benefit and insight to your life.

The Examen is an easy, five-step process done at the end of your day. Find a quiet place free of interruptions and get into a calm, relaxed state either sitting or lying down, and complete the following five steps...

3 Inspiring Books That Will Change The Way You See The World

People always ask me, "You write inspirational books Josie, but do you also read them yourself?" 

My answer is a resounding YES! I do. All the time. It's my absolute favorite genre to read in, which would explain why I also like to write in it.

We have three huge library shelves in our office at home, and one of those shelves is filled to the brim with my collection of inspirational self-help books. They've been my steady companions during the dark years I struggled with alcoholism and depression, and now, trusty guides as I walk in the light.

If you're a superfan like me of all things inspirational, transformational, and uplifting and haven't read any of these books yet - add them to your queue immediately. They're game changers for your spirit....