How to Focus Your Gratitude Practice to Create Extraordinary Change

Each time I’ve done this practice, I’ve had a complete transformation in the area I’ve focused on, and I’ve heard the same from others who have used it as well. 

Dream jobs come out of the blue, difficult relationships untangle, random checks come in the mail, illnesses heal, and so on. This practice makes magic happen, quickly.

And even better, it's extremely simple to do...

The Universal Law of Gratitude & Why Using It Will Change Your Life

The lesson here is that it doesn't matter how you practice gratitude - jars, journals, meditations - all of them lead to the same place.  All that matters is you start a gratitude practice, any practice, right now, so you can get going on the journey towards a more blissful life.

One of the reasons I included several gratitude practices in the book (even though using a gratitude jar is my personal favorite) is because I know the incredible things that happen as a result of spending time each day in gratitude, regardless of the method you select...

How Practicing Gratitude Will Make You Rich

The following is a guest post from Mike Branch, Certified Financial Planner and my good friend.

Mike has been practicing Give THANKS with his young daughter and doing the 30-day gratitude challenge on Instagram. I love that he's completely embraced the magic of gratitude in his life and is now sharing it with everyone he knows.

Here's Mike's "gratitude story" in his own words...