3 Inspiring Books That Will Change The Way You See The World

People always ask me, "You write inspirational books Josie, but do you also read them yourself?" 

My answer is a resounding YES! I do. All the time. It's my absolute favorite genre to read in, which would explain why I also like to write in it.

We have three huge library shelves in our office at home, and one of those shelves is filled to the brim with my collection of inspirational self-help books. They've been my steady companions during the dark years I struggled with alcoholism and depression, and now, trusty guides as I walk in the light.

If you're a superfan like me of all things inspirational, transformational, and uplifting and haven't read any of these books yet - add them to your queue immediately. They're game changers for your spirit....

The Amazing Story Behind The Gratitude Jar Book

I love telling the origin story of The Gratitude Jar because it's a bit magical...the truth is, the book was inspired by a vivid dream I had years ago where I was told I was going to create a healing method that was going to help a lot of people. And I would write a book about it.

Like I said, magicalโ€ฆ

Here's the remarkable story of how The Gratitude Jar book came to be...