3 Inspiring Books That Will Change The Way You See The World

Best self help books of all time

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere a door opens in the world to allow in more light.
— Vera Nazarian

People always ask me, "You write inspirational books Josie, but do you also read them yourself?" 

My answer is a resounding YES! I do. All the time. It's my absolute favorite genre to read in, which would explain why I also like to write in it.

We have three huge library shelves in our office at home, and one of those shelves is filled to the brim with my collection of inspirational spiritual self-help books.

These books have been my steady companions during the dark years I struggled with alcoholism and depression, and now, trusty guides as I walk in the light.

There are a few I keep coming back to, and the books on this list definitely fall into that category. They always give my soul a boost and remind me of my highest purpose for being here.

I have many other favorites I'll probably write about in later posts, but these were the three books I read, and re-read again this summer and was reminded of how much I love them.


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If you're a superfan like me of all things inspirational, transformational, and uplifting and haven't read any of these books yet - add them to your queue immediately.

They're game changers for your spirit.

So, without further adieu, here's my list of personal favorites...

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

One night while out for a walk, Dan Millman stops at a gas station and meets a man named Socrates. It's clear to Dan (and to us the readers) from the very beginning Socrates is a very special man.

Dan feels compelled to visit Socrates each night at the gas station after he finishes his heavy schedule of college classes and Olympic gymnast training. 

These evening conversations eventually turn into Dan going on an extraordinary spiritual journey with Socrates, where he discovers how to become a Peaceful Warrior, or, an enlightened human being.

There's so much wisdom in this book and both Dan and Socrates are exceptional teachers. It's beautifully written and very simple to read, which I appreciate because I think spirit speaks to us through simple stories and parables.  

Dan Millman tells us at the very beginning of the book that even though it was written as a novel, the majority of people and events in it are true - which I find incredible. I keep hoping every time I stop at a gas station, Socrates, or someone Socrates-like will be there to help me fill up my car and take me on a spiritual adventure.

Wishful thinking I know, but a girl can dream, right? 

The Way of The Peaceful Warrior book is special because it reminds us spirit can surprise us in the most ordinary moments.

You don't have to fly across the world to an ashram or a visit a sacred temple in Peru, you can simply get some gas for your car and stumble upon an enlightened master, or enlightenment itself, while you're waiting. 

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

My sister-in-law, Emma, gave me her copy of this book several times over the years to read and I was always like, meh, about it.

But Emma would keep on trying, saying things like:

This is the best book ever!

It will totally change your life!

You'll attract more money if you read it! I promise!!!

I would always eye roll at her because this book was about money and spirituality and in my mind, the two didn't mix.

Which, after finally reading this book TWICE cover-to-cover in a two-week span over the summer, I realized was the core of my issues.

Money and God DO mix and God wants me to be crazy abundant because God's natural state is abundance.

That whole "in order to be spiritual, you have to live in poverty" belief system I was carrying around all these years finally got kicked to the curb after reading this book. Amen.

This is more than a book about how to attract prosperity, it's a guide on how to live. 

The four spiritual laws that Edwene Gaines proposes...

1) Tithe

2) Set goals

3) Forgive

4) Live your divine purpose

...will set you up for a life of complete happiness and spiritual fulfillment. Emma was right, this book did change my life and is one of the best books I've ever read. 

On a sidenote, it works.

My income has doubled since I started using the four laws, so, you know, that's pretty cool. 

Power Vs. Force

Power vs. Force
By David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.

What David Hawkins did, in a really ingenious way, was create a scale for measuring human consciousness. 

According to Hawkins we, as humans, live at vastly different levels of consciousness and these levels can be tested numerically through muscle testing on a logarithmic scale of 1-1000.

To simplify, all of us fall on Hawkin's scale somewhere between 1-1,000. 

The more spiritual and light-minded we are, the higher we are on the scale.

The more ego-driven and negative we are, the lower we fall on the scale. So someone like Hitler would be a 20 and Jesus would be 1,000. 

According to Hawkins, any person, object, thought, emotion, that measures at 200 or above is positive (Power), and anything below 200 is negative (Force).

He says 200 is the level of Integrity, and currently (the book was written in 1995) something like 85% of people in the world are below 200.

Which, is a little depressing, but has probably changed since because people are spiritually evolving at a much faster rate, IMHO. He says in the US it's more like 50/50 are above and below 200.

Hawkins says we can test anything to see if it's above 200 and therefore, good for our body and souls.

Take food for example: fresh, organic fruits and vegetables measure over 200 on his scale. But say, a Twinkie, would measure below 200. Hawkins found in his research you can make any food, even Twinkies or other not-so-good foods, calibrate over 200 as long as you bless them before eating.

Prayer, which calibrates in the 600's, is so powerful it can actually raise the physical and quantum consciousness of whatever it's focused on.

Including people.

This gives credence to all those studies that have shown prayer helps people heal and recover quicker from serious illness. It's like sending someone a huge wave of positive energy and, as Hawkins discovered, is measurable within our bodies.

Power vs Force will make you question everything you surround yourself with on a day-to-day basis; television shows, music, books, people. All carry a vibration and can be measured on the scale of consciousness.

I find myself asking, "Does this calibrate over 200?" all the time before I buy anything anymore. My gut usually knows the answer, which Hawkins would say is right on.

We all carry the truth within our bodies, Hawkins says, we just have to start listening to it.

Want more ideas on great reads? Check out my Inspirational Books Pinterest Board to help you find more!

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