Our newest collection of handmade gratitude jars are now available!

Glassblowing artist Rachel Masica

Glassblowing artist Rachel Masica

Every year, Rachel Masica makes several gratitude jars by hand in her glassblowing studio and each of her jars includes a signed copy of my book, The Gratitude Jar with it to make a complete gift set. 

Both Rachel and I have gotten so much positive feedback about these gift sets and we are so excited to share the newest collection with you!

*I always suggest if you're giving this as a gift, write a little note of gratitude to the person receiving the set from you and put it in the jar before giving it to them. People LOVE this!

Someone I just sold one of these sets to said she was going to collect letters of gratitude from all her siblings and put them inside the jar before giving it to her mom for a Mother's Day gift. I thought this was such a lovely idea! 

We hope you enjoy the latest collection of handmade Gratitude Jar Gift Sets.

**Our entire collection of Gratitude Jars is SOLD OUT. Please join my mailing list if you'd like to be notified when they will be available again. Thanks!** 

Josie Robinson & Rachel Masica, c  reators of the original Gratitude Jar

Josie Robinson & Rachel Masica, creators of the original Gratitude Jar


Gratitude Glass Jar
Gratitude Glass Jar