The Surprising Book That Inspired Me to Quit Drinking

One of my "most asked" questions from people who have read my books or heard me speak is this:

"How did you quit drinking?"

It's a great question and one I'm happy to answer because I'm super proud of the fact that I've been 100% sober going on over 6 years now...and I used to be a total alcoholic.

My honest answer to how I quit drinking ALWAYS surprises people…

Why You Should Start A Gratitude Practice For The New Year

Make this year the best one yet by spending time in gratitude every day. I promise, it will be the best New Year's resolution you ever make. 

There are several ways to practice gratitude - I’ve included a few of my favorites here. For best results, I suggest doing any one of these practices for thirty days, then continuing longer if you feel inspired.

To me, thirty days is the magic number because it’s the perfect amount of time to turn it from being a practice into a permanent habit...


When Gratitude Works, And When It Doesn't

Let’s talk about magical thinking for a second, because I think it’s an easy mind-trap to fall into when it comes to practicing gratitude.

When you go into your gratitude practice with the expectation everything is going to change overnight or something specific is going to happen like getting a new job, it’s magical thinking.

And that isn’t what the focus of your gratitude practice should be…

From Rock Bottom to Radiating Joy With Stefanie Peters

Quite honestly, the whole story of how I went from total rock bottom, to rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, is pretty entertaining & inspiring.

To hear my whole mystical story, plus everything I've learned along the way in becoming a successful authorpreneur, tune in to the latest episode of the Boss Life Podcast with Stefanie Peters right here...

How to Create an Attitude of Gratitude (And Why it Will Transform You)

The lesson here is that it doesn't matter how you practice gratitude - jars, journals, meditations - all of them lead to the same place.  All that matters is you start a gratitude practice, any practice, right now, so you can get going on the journey towards a more blissful life.

One of the reasons I included several gratitude practices in the book (even though using a gratitude jar is my personal favorite) is because I know the incredible things that happen as a result of spending time each day in gratitude, regardless of the method you select...

How Practicing Gratitude Will Make You Rich

The following is a guest post from Mike Branch, Certified Financial Planner and my good friend.

Mike has been practicing Give THANKS with his young daughter and doing the 30-day gratitude challenge on Instagram. I love that he's completely embraced the magic of gratitude in his life and is now sharing it with everyone he knows.

Here's Mike's "gratitude story" in his own words...

Inspiring Advice from Elizabeth Gilbert: Go to the Water

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a beautiful piece on Facebook recently called GO TO THE WATER about how to deal with the difficult times of life. This piece moved me so much, I wanted to share it with you all here. 

Her advice is simple, yet deeply profound. It's a good reminder how nature can guide us how to heal ourselves in a gentle and effective way.

The Inspiring True Story of How Practicing Gratitude Changed My Life

Those of you who have been to one of my live talks have seen the dramatic before and after photos of my gratitude transformation.

In this video I share these photos along with my story of how practicing gratitude took me from being an overweight, closet drinking, hustling to pay my groceries, disenchanted housewife...

...To being fully sober after many years of failed attempts, losing 25 pounds, attracting my dream job and doubling my income, and becoming happy, content, and peaceful for perhaps the first time ever...