Inspiring Books

The Surprising Book That Inspired Me to Quit Drinking

One of my "most asked" questions from people who have read my books or heard me speak is this:

"How did you quit drinking?"

It's a great question and one I'm happy to answer because I'm super proud of the fact that I've been 100% sober going on over 6 years now...and I used to be a total alcoholic.

My honest answer to how I quit drinking ALWAYS surprises people…

My Top 10 Favorite Self-Care Books

One of my favorite self-care activities is to curl up under a blanket, sip some tea, and read something super inspirational. These books are some of my all-time favorite books to do exactly that with…

Some are oldies but perpetual goodies, others are new books that I consider to be modern-day self-help classics.

Each one of these inspiring books will instantly lift your spirits and nourish your heart and soul.

So without further adieu, here is my official “Top 10” list of self-care books you should definitely read this year (or in this lifetime)…

From Rock Bottom to Radiating Joy With Stefanie Peters

Quite honestly, the whole story of how I went from total rock bottom, to rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, is pretty entertaining & inspiring.

To hear my whole mystical story, plus everything I've learned along the way in becoming a successful authorpreneur, tune in to the latest episode of the Boss Life Podcast with Stefanie Peters right here...

How Practicing Gratitude Will Make You Rich

The following is a guest post from Mike Branch, Certified Financial Planner and my good friend.

Mike has been practicing Give THANKS with his young daughter and doing the 30-day gratitude challenge on Instagram. I love that he's completely embraced the magic of gratitude in his life and is now sharing it with everyone he knows.

Here's Mike's "gratitude story" in his own words...

3 Inspiring Books That Will Change The Way You See The World

People always ask me, "You write inspirational books Josie, but do you also read them yourself?" 

My answer is a resounding YES! I do. All the time. It's my absolute favorite genre to read in, which would explain why I also like to write in it.

We have three huge library shelves in our office at home, and one of those shelves is filled to the brim with my collection of inspirational self-help books. They've been my steady companions during the dark years I struggled with alcoholism and depression, and now, trusty guides as I walk in the light.

If you're a superfan like me of all things inspirational, transformational, and uplifting and haven't read any of these books yet - add them to your queue immediately. They're game changers for your spirit....

The Amazing Story Behind The Gratitude Jar Book

I love telling the origin story of The Gratitude Jar because it's a bit magical...the truth is, the book was inspired by a vivid dream I had years ago where I was told I was going to create a healing method that was going to help a lot of people. And I would write a book about it.

Like I said, magical…

Here's the remarkable story of how The Gratitude Jar book came to be...