From Rock Bottom to Radiating Joy With Stefanie Peters

Quite honestly, the whole story of how I went from total rock bottom, to rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, is pretty entertaining & inspiring.

To hear my whole mystical story, plus everything I've learned along the way in becoming a successful authorpreneur, tune in to the latest episode of the Boss Life Podcast with Stefanie Peters right here...

5 Gratitude Journal Writing Prompts That Will Inspire Your Practice

I've been really into using writing prompts to help boost my creativity and also to get the ol' writing well going again...and it dawned on me I could also use these types of prompts for my gratitude practice. 

So I've been using gratitude writing prompts for the past month, and it's been awesome.

It's added a whole new dimension to my gratitude practice and it's also reignited my writing, so good things happening all around. Thank you gratitude. Again. 

Here's a few inspirational gratitude journal writing prompts you can use to get started...

The Love Jar: A Simple, Powerful, Gratitude Practice for Couples

I have my friend Melanie to thank for this incredible idea for a gratitude practice couples can do together (that also makes a great Valentine's Day or anniversary gift.) 

Melanie did this practice years ago at the very beginning stages of her relationship, and when she finished, gave it to her husband Tom as a one-year anniversary gift. Ten years into their relationship later, Melanie told me Tom still considers it one of the best gifts he's ever received, and every year on their anniversary they read through their love notes together. 

You can do this practice on your own and give it to your partner as a special gift, or you can use this practice together. Instructions for this beautiful gratitude practice are below...