Why Your Family Should Start A Gratitude Jar

  Image courtesy     Kara Murphy

Image courtesy Kara Murphy

Happy GRATITUDE Month everyone!

I had so much fun talking with the amazing folks at Macaroni Kid about how and why you should start a gratitude jar with your family.

If you're looking for an inspiring family tradition to teach kids about the spirit of Thanksgiving, and a fun way to share gratitude together as a family - read the full article right here at the Macaroni Kid website to discover how to create your own family gratitude jar:

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How to Start a Gratitude Jar

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When Gratitude Works, And When It Doesn't

Let’s talk about magical thinking for a second, because I think it’s an easy mind-trap to fall into when it comes to practicing gratitude.

When you go into your gratitude practice with the expectation everything is going to change overnight or something specific is going to happen like getting a new job, it’s magical thinking.

And that isn’t what the focus of your gratitude practice should be…