Get inspired with this gorgeous guided gratitude journal

"This journal is strikingly beautiful and thoughtfully written. Whenever I feel the creeping thoughts of anxiety or depression, I know it’s time to grab my journal and choose a gratitude practice. Every. Single. Time. I have used one of the practices in this journal, I felt better, attracted tons of positive outcomes to me, and felt the magic back in my life." -Emma

"If you read The Gratitude Jar, read and practice it again (and if you didn't you should!) Then add this little gem. It will change how you think about your life." -Lori

"I love that this journal gives multiple ways to incorporate gratitude in your life with a user friendly "how to" type guide and space to write in. It's all in a perfect package and beautifully bound so I can use it as a keepsake in the years to come!" -Jessica


About the Give Thanks Gratitude Journal

Voted a *BEST GIFT BOOK* by Living Now Book Awards!

 Add a dose of positive energy to your day with this beautiful guided gratitude journal. Voted a *Best Gift Book* by Living Now Book Awards! The Give Thanks Journal now available in ebook & print on Amazon >>> #gratitude #liveinspired #healthyhappy life

Filled with joyful and inspiring exercises for both the new and advanced student of gratitude, this gorgeous guided journal will instantly brighten your outlook and help smooth out the rough edges of your busy days.

 As Josie Robinson's bestselling book, The Gratitude Jar: A Simple Guide to Creating Miracles explains, gratitude is an essential ingredient for creating a life of happiness and harmony. By expressing gratitude on a daily basis, you open your eyes to see all the wonderful gifts the universe has provided, and then, begin noticing even more and more wonderful things to be thankful for. 

The solution to inner contentment and personal freedom lies within us, and unlocking it is possible through a life filled with gratitude. Now is the moment to begin the simple daily habit that will feed your soul and fill every day with positive energy.

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