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Josie Robinson | About Me

Josie Robinson | About Me

Welcome to The Gratitude Jar!

You have arrived at the online home for all things gratitude. Most likely you're here because you've discovered the life changing magic of gratitude; either by reading something or hearing about it from friends and family.  

Either way, you've made it here because you're ready for a change and think gratitude might be the thing that makes it happen.

Well, I can tell you with absolute certainty you're in the right place.

The change starts small at first, then gets bigger with time. I've seen it happen not only for me, but for countless others who've reached out to me with their own amazing gratitude transformation stories.

Here, you'll find everything you need to experience the incredible power of gratitude for yourself...and I truly believe it will change your life. 

With love & GRATITUDE,

Josie Robinson - Author of The Gratitude Jar: A Simple Guide to Creating Miracles